Input Devices

Capacitive Touch

The vision of our Haptic HMI Demonstrator is to “Simplify your HMI“ and create a holistic user experience that enhances safety and comfort. The implemented screen is controlled via touchpad which responds with vibrations. The impression of being able to ”touch“ every single screen element is created. The screen elements follow the rule of consistency. Known behavior of touch interfaces is implemented and optimized, and natural usability is given.

Benefits & Features

  • Haptic feedback technology and simplified operation reduce driver distraction (blind detection)
  • Natural, intuitive and ergonomically – optimized interaction
  • Trim panel, combination of design and functionality (vanishing buttons)

Technical Information

  • 12.3” display (HD resolution) – real glass cover with optical bonding
  • Trim panel in alu optic (IMD foil, black panel effect) with capacitive sensing enabling functional bookmarks and active haptic feedback
  • Touchpad with active haptic feedback, surface (112 mm x 70 mm) mirrors the 12.3” display in exact aspect ratio

Central Input Devices

Our input devices embody intuitive operating concepts so that the interface between human and technology is designed optimally. These devices must be laid out so that they fulfill demands for convenience without distracting the driver from traffic. They increase vehicle safety and comfort, and haptic interfaces, buttons, controllers and touch-sensitive surfaces are important components of the driving experience. 

Benefits & Features

  • Diverse possibilities for realizing OEMs’ control philosophy: technology range from traditional mechanical solutions with best-in-class button and knob design up to touch-sensitive surfaces
  • Input devices which are combining new technologies like sensitive multi-touch surfaces, character recognition
  • Active tactile feedback is reducing driver distraction