Seat Comfort Systems

Our intelligent Seat Comfort Systems provide all occupants with a maximum range of customized premium comfort and safety functions. These include the basic functions of heated seats, climate-controlled seats, memory seats, as well as especially engineered pneumatic seat systems. 

Benefits & Features

  • Up to 12 directions of seat adjustment
  • Anti-pinch functionality for several axes
  • Manual, memory, key fob, automatic and remote adjustment
  • System cost and weight optimization through sensorless positioning (SLP) algorithm
  • Electronics for seat climatization (heating/ventilation/cooling)
  • Pneumatic functions like massage, lumbar support, seat contour, and active drive
  • Noise optimization to reduce unwanted distractions in the vehicle (pneumatic and seat adjustment functions)
  • Modular, scalable design to deploy different feature content

Technical Information

  • Speed control of motor and compressor with pulse width modulation (PWM)
  • Vehicle bus networking (LIN, CAN)
  • Smart valve control
  • Algorithm for pressure measurement
  • Relay or semiconductor solutions available
  • Large set of predefined functions in portfolio